New hall completed on-time in December 2008

Our new hall now has over 11,000 sq m of production and warehousing space. Our new, modern high rack warehouse, which covers a total of 4,000 sq m, does not even permit delivery bottlenecks to develop.

Neue Lagerhalle der Guntram END GmbH

Greater numbers of all catalogue products are now available in the warehouse, which means we can make your desired deliveries immediately.

modernes Hochregallager mit insgesamt 4.000 qm Fläche


Automatic fastener for belted screws

New in the programme: END-Drive hand-held and floor-standing fastener for belted screws.

The END-Drive 25 Hand 18 V fastener permits simple, low-cost and above all fatigue-free handling of the screws on the façade. Each belt contains 25 fasteners. This means that it is not necessary to work with individual screws, which is time-consuming. The belts can be replaced quickly and easily.

END Setzautomat Drive 25 Hand 18V

The END-Drive hand-held fastener can be converted into a floor-standing device by adding an optional enhancement. This guarantees that screws can be fastened on the roof both reliably and conveniently. We offer belts with up to 40 fasteners specially for roof work.

END Setzautomat Drive 25 Stand 18VDewalt KofferGurte

Both versions are simple for the operator to make ready for use.